The only thing I wanted to do was to undress and lie down in a beautiful place.

Every day, the sorting of clothes across Europe processes hundreds of thousands of tons of unwanted textiles.

Anna Orłowska, Futeral, 2018, Exhibition view, Courtesy Wschód The Hidden Photo and Propaganda invite you to a third meeting of the new cycle The Hidden Photo Talks. Guest: Anna

Photographs from the opening of 'Nothing Left To Be Saved' Exhibition.

It is an intimate true depiction of Davaagiin Batbayar’s personal life and possessions.

My Grandma passed away some time ago but my parents still have her car and take really good care of it.

Nothing left to be saved exhibition at Fort Institute of Photography.

One day I took a photo of the subtle warm lights in the parking garage, and started coming back to the place to capture the quiet presence they had.

As time went on, I became uncomfortable with the idea of turning her battle into my project. I also feared that the only natural ending to this work was death.