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We were at Davaagiin Batbayar’s home outside the Ulaanbaatar, in quite a rural area in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, after spending the day interviewing Davaagiin Batbayar and visiting one of the

My Grandma passed away some time ago but my parents still have her car and take really good care of it. The project '145 days' corresponds to the imprisonment of the Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence in Russia. On the 14th of May Oleg began

Nothing left to be saved exhibition at Fort Institute of Photography.

One day I took a photo of the subtle warm lights in the parking garage, and started coming back to the place to capture the quiet presence they had.

As time went on, I became uncomfortable with the idea of turning her battle into my project. I also feared that the only natural ending to this work was death.

Galeria Propaganda i The Hidden Photo zapraszają na drugie spotkanie z cyklu The Hidden Photo Talks.  The meeting will consist of two parts: a lecture and a workshop for participants. The lecture

We are tourists in the reality that surrounds us.

Trip to Mars Photobook, Jakub Stanek We invite you to our new cycle The Hidden Photo Talks. NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2018 We are starting a cycle of five meetings in Propaganda / Prpgnd. We are

Sleep is a standing affront to capitalism, the only bastion that can not be monetized and commodified.

It was made for fun during the time when I completely doubted that I like and can take pictures.

I met this men who was travelling through Europe with his six tigers.

I am trying to discover more about the collective unconscious – why these guys do what they do.

I went on vacation and the picture was left at home.

The reason this photograph has not been shown or exhibited is because I am unhappy with the grain.

I like to think that the boy came on to the father's arms through those two green steps.

Hubert Humka  Poczułem jakby wyspa zaczęła się kurczyć, stawała się klaustrofobiczna. Chciałem ją jak najszybciej opuścić Kiedy stanąłem na brzegu w miejscu, gdzie dopływał niewielki prom i po raz pierwszy ją zobaczyłem,

We stayed in a hotel called Metropolis. Wooden paneling, colorful stained glass windows, a huge crystal chandelier in the hall, all this gave an illusion of exclusivity.

I then felt bad for taking photos, because Oliver can’t verbalise his thoughts, so he had no say in whether he wanted to be photographed or not.

A few days into my trip around Scandinavia I realised that a roll of film in my camera was endless.